Special Benefits for Women at Foundations Medical Center

Have you considered our Women’s Wellness program at Foundations Medical Center? With an annual health plan, you not only receive your annual women’s exam by Amy Drab PA-C, but we will also become your primary care provider. During your first visit we dig into your family history and genetics to learn more about you (think prevention of breast cancer, Alzheimer's, etc.). As your primary care provider, we will manage conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid conditions, etc. We will handle your acute illnesses such as the common cold, flu, allergies, belly pain, UTIs, and more—everything you would expect from your family doctor.

Not Feeling Well? No Worries.

With our patient portal you can stop trying to find time to make an appointment and miss work. When you have questions about your health you will be able to send a quick message through our online patient portal where Dr. Kyle or Amy Drab can address your concerns. We understand some people still need to see the doctor and offer the option of Skype calls or traditional visits as well.

Dr. Chavers and Amy are both trained in conventional family medicine and functional medicine. They are able to write any prescription you need and will consider natural alternatives if desired. They always have prevention in mind and will work to discover and correct the underlying cause of your illnesses rather than masking them.