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What is Good Fat vs Bad Fat?

What really is a GOOD fat? What is so BAD about the other fats? We hear these terms thrown around all the time and it can be frustrating to figure out the difference. Amy Drab, PA-C, IFMCP takes a minute to name off a few of the most common fats and helps us to learn the difference.

Is it a Food Allergy or a Sensitivity?

We have all heard of or known someone who is allergic to commons foods such as peanuts or gluten, but do we really know what that means? Amy Drab, PA-C, IFMCP explains this common condition and fills us in on the difference between an allergy and a sensitivity.

Protein Powder vs. Meal Replacement

Protein powder... meal replacement powder, they are all the same, right? Wrong! When trying to find the right supplements for your routine it can be difficult to find out the true differences. Dr. Kyle Chavers explains the difference between the two and how they affect your body.

What is the Best Way to Consume B12?

Dr. Kyle Chavers gives us the low-down on this essential vitamin and answers the question "Should I take B12 orally or through an injection?"

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

It's getting HOT in here... in our Sauna that is! Dr. Kyle Chavers gives us the scoop on infrared sauna therapy and all of its wonderful benefits!

Dr. Chavers unveils 3 places that sugar is hiding in our everyday food choices.

1. Salad dressings

2. Condiments

3. Savory soups (tomato soups)

Is it possible to take too many vitamins?

Dr. Chavers takes a moment to inform us of the differences in vitamins (Fat-Soluble vs Water Soluble) and their potential to harm or to benefit the body.

Dr. Kyle Chavers answers the question "What exactly is the Elimination diet and what are it's benefit's?"

This two-fold therapeutic & diagnostic diet gives patients a chance to discover the underlying causes of everyday issues.

Dr. Chavers answers our burning questions on whether or not caffeine aids in weight loss.

In small doses, caffeine aids in boosting your metabolism increases heart rate and improves exercise tolerance. However, this is not an easy yes or no question, Dr. Chavers tells us why in his review on caffeine!

Dr. Chavers answers the question "What is the difference between taking a Biotin pill or getting a Biotin injection/IV and is one more effective?"

Most of the time, supplements that enter the body through the digestive tract take a much slower route in absorption.

What helps burn fat, boosts your metabolism, supports your liver, AND gives you energy? The MIC Shot! On this week's Ask the Doctor video we get the scoop on what the MIC Shot is and why you want it!

Do you know what is really in the products you use daily? It's easier to find out than you think. The Think Dirty app is one resource that gives you the info you need to make health-conscious decisions just with your fingertips. Amy Drab P.A.

Should you shop organic? Does it matter? Amy Drab P.A. answers these questions to give us some clarity when it comes to shopping for our veggies!

Amy Drab P.A. tells us about Intermittent Fasting & answers the questions: What is it? How does it work? Is it beneficial?

New year, New you right? We know the struggle of finding the time to keep your fitness resolutions when daily life gets in the way. Dr. Kyle Chavers gives us some advice for finding that time in the midst of a busy schedule

Sugar can be a sneaky culprit in food items that you wouldn't suspect so how can you reduce it? Our registered dietician Elizabeth Trapp gives us some suggestions on how to rid our diet of sugar.

Is drinking alcohol healthy? The question we are all dying to have answered, is that glass of wine impacting our health in a negative way? Dr. Kyle Chavers lets us in on a little secret in this segment of Ask the Doctor.

Amy Drab P.A. dives into the ever popular, bitter tasting trend to unveil whether or not it is, in fact, beneficial to our health. A very versatile substance, apple cider vinegar can be helpful for more than just weight related issues.

In a world full of diets, Amy Drab P.A. fills us in on one of the latest trends perfect for those suffering from IBS or other gut related issues.

Immune Enhance is great for giving your immune system the boost it needs during the cold months! But did you know it also benefits you from Jet Lag!

During the February 2018 Destin Business Form, the Destin Chamber's monthly TV show, host Amy Perry, Pleat & Perry, P.A., interviews Kyle Chavers, MD, IFMCP, Foundations Medical Center. Foundations Medical Center focuses heavily on functional and anti-aging medicine to help patients reach their optimal health.

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