Testosterone Pellet Therapy

How does the Testosterone Pellet Clinic process work?

Testosterone pellet therapy is a very safe and effective method of hormone replacement. 

A small 3-4mm incision is made in the upper outer buttock area and anesthesia is injected in the general area of pellet insertion. Pellets the size and shape of a small capsule are inserted just into the fat in the upper outer buttock. No sutures are required but butterfly tape will be applied and the patient will then be instructed to abstain from vigorous activity for a brief period of time after insertion. 

For women, the major benefit of choosing testosterone replacement therapy for the treatment of menopausal symptoms is the decreased risk of breast cancer associated with this therapy. In addition to effective relief of menopausal symptoms, women can also experience many of the other anti-aging benefits associated with this therapy. 

For men, the major benefit to this therapy over other methods (such as the testosterone patch, cream or injection) includes the higher, longer term and consistent delivery of hormones and therefore more consistent relief of symptoms. Men will also experience the anti-aging benefits associated with testosterone therapy.

For patients who are interested in testosterone pellet therapy, please read and complete the following steps: 

1) Read the information available on our website regarding benefits of hormone replacement therapy and fill out the menopause symptom questionnaire (females) or the ADAM questionnaire (males) and submit to us.

2) Call Foundations Medical Center at (850) 269-9000 to obtain a link to the medical history information form and submit to us.

3) You will then receive an order to obtain serum lab work which will need to be completed before hormone replacement therapy. We prefer Quest Diagnostics but honor the possibility that you may need to use an alternative lab. Click here for directions and contact information for the Quest Diagnostics lab closest to you.

4) If the lab work and medical history forms indicate that you are a good candidate for testosterone pellet therapy, we will call to schedule a 30 minute in office consultation to review lab results and discuss the risks and benefits for your unique situation and we will determine the therapy that’s right for you. This initial consultation will be $125.

5) We will order the pellet therapy that is right for your individual situation and schedule a date for insertion. Once we contact the pharmacy with your pellet order, it may take up to 7 days for the pellet(s) to be shipped to your house. You will bring the pellet(s) with you to your insertion appointment. The cost of the pellets themselves is approximately $20-60 for women and $100-$150 for men.  The pellet insertion fee is $250 and the initial consultation fee of $125.

Testosterone pellet therapy follow-up

Pellet therapy typically requires reinsertion of new pellets every 2-4 months for women and 4-6 months for men. Here is the typical process for follow up:

  1. Follow up labs will initially need to be drawn for both men and women in 4 weeks. Labs will be drawn less frequently after the initial follow up and possibly even yearly if stable. 
  2. After the lab draw, please schedule a 10 minute phone consultation to review labs and symptoms. Pellets will be ordered after this discussion with any needed adjustments in therapy. Please allow 7 days in order to receive your unique pellet therapy prescription to arrive in the mail.
  3. Schedule an appointment for your next insertion. 

Quest lab locations:

Fort Walton Beach: 348 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW Ste 29, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548    Phone: (850) 796-3620

Niceville: 4585 E Highway 20, Niceville, FL 32578      Phone: (850) 897-3672

Panama City: 625 W Baldwin Rd, Panama City, FL 32405      Phone: (850) 913-0006

Panama City Beach: 12107 Panama City Beach Pkwy, Panama City Beach, FL 32407    Phone: (866) 697-8378


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