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Q & A: Basic Nutrition

Are you trying to start eating better but have become confused or frustrated with all of the information out there, some of which seems to contradict itself? You may have realized the importance of a healthy diet, but are unsure how to get there. You are not alone. 

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Q & A: The Basics of Functional Medicine

What exactly is Functional Medicine? In is simplest form, Functional Medicine seeks to find the root cause of disease.

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Six Suggestions for Better Sleep

While all of us have experienced the obvious effects of not enough sleep—crankiness, feeling sluggish, inability to concentrate—most of us may not be aware of the serious consequences lack of sleep may bring about.

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Operation Elimination

So what is an elimination diet? You may have heard this term used but not known its health benefits. Let me explain a little bit about them and why we use them.

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