5 Things a Doctor Take on Vacation

5 Things a Doctor Takes on Vacation

Depending on the type of trip you are taking, it seems impossible not to need a “vacation from your vacation.”  You’re out of your routine--eating new foods, spending lots of time in the car or on a plane, and maybe staying up late and getting up early. Not only do you want to avoid getting sick, you also want to maximize your energy to make the most of your time away. Here are 5 supplements we use to travel a little healthier.

  1. Multivitamin--Multivitamins are supplemental sources of vitamins and minerals to help ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs but may not get from diet alone. We believe a good multivitamin is the foundation for most people and since we don’t always get a ton of fruits and veggies on vacation, we try to stay on track with our multivitamin. Our favorite formulation, Phytomulti by Metagenics contains 13 concentrated extracts such as Lycopene and Resveratrol, and other plant polyphenols that helps squelch harmful oxidation caused by eating inflammatory foods, which we are more likely to consume during vacation.

  2. Fish Oil—Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are known as essential fatty acids because our body needs them for proper health but cannot produce them on its own. We must get them through diet or supplementation. Since healthy sources of omega-3s are often hard to find while we travel, fish oil supplements are always in our bag. If you are like us, vacation is a time to eat things you normally wouldn’t. Supplementing with omega-3s helps maintain a normal inflammatory response and provides antioxidant support to offset LDL oxidation caused by our favorite treats. We take ProOmega 2000 by Nordic Naturals.

  3. Valerian root—Being out of routine can definitely affect sleep, especially if you are changing time zones. Not to mention sleeping somewhere other than your own bed! We love the natural effects of valerian root extract for help with sleep onset as well as quality of sleep. Try Best-Rest formula by Pure Encapsulations, which in addition to the valerian root contains other natural sleep-aids such as l-theanine, passion fruit, lemon balm and chamomile along with a small dose of melatonin.

  4. Magnesium—This is one of the foundational supplements we recommend to most of our patients because it is involved in over 300 metabolic processes in the body and sup-optimal magnesium levels are so common. We take it on vacation because it helps with sore muscles after a long day of walking, calms mood and helps with relaxation, and can be oh-so-helpful for keeping you…regular (especially important when we are indulging on vacay). That is one of our favorite reasons for keeping it on hand for travel. We love ColonX by Xymogen or try ColonMax from Advanced Naturals.

  5. Electrolytes—We all know how easy it is to get dehydrated during travel, whether it is from the dry air on a plane, extra sweating from heat or being stressed, or from simply not drinking enough. Keep some low-sugar or sugar-free electrolyte packets on hand and you will be tanked up in no time! Pure Encapsulations Electrolyte Energy formula are a good low-sugar option or we like Jigsaw Health’s Electrolyte Supreme, sweetened with Monk Fruit.

There are many essentials when packing for vacation, but these 5 helpful supplements should help keep you healthy and feeling better while you travel. For questions or more information on where to purchase these supplements for your next get-away, contact our office at (850) 269-9000.