Strawberry Lemonade Keto Mojito Recipe

The weather is warming up which means it’s time for a new summer drink! Whether you’re laying by the pool, boating with friends or hosting the ultimate summer BBQ, we know how important a refreshing and relaxing drink is! Our Strawberry Lemonade Keto Mojito is the perfect recipe to keep handy to help you enjoy your summer guilt-free!

Strawberry Lemonade Keto Mojito Recipe

4 cups sugar free strawberry lemonade (make with club soda instead of water) —we like the True Lemon brand

1 cup white rum (gin or vodka if you prefer)

1/4 fresh mint lightly muddled to release flavors

Fresh lime juice


Fresh strawberries, mint and lime for garnishes.

Mix all ingredients in large container, stir and serve!

Amanda Chavers