Top 3 reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

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There are many reasons why you may not be losing weight, but did you know that it could be unrelated to your exercise and strict calorie counting diet? Here are three very commons issues we come across with our patients when it comes to their number one concern, losing weight.  

  1. Food sensitivities

    Food sensitivities cause the gut to be inflamed. This leads to small fissures or openings between the cells of the gut that are normally very tightly bound together. This increased intestinal permeability or “leaky gut” allows bacteria or partially digested food particles to enter the blood stream where they are considered foreign and are attacked by the immune system. As the immune system ramps up fend off the perceived invasion, systemic inflammation ensues. As you eat the offending foods over and over, the immune system is continually activated. Not only does this chronic inflammation lead to weight gain but numerous other symptoms and diseases are associated with it.

  2. Hormone imbalances

    Many hormone imbalances can hinder weight loss including low thyroid and sex hormone imbalances. Your thyroid is responsible for regulating your body’s metabolic rate, so an under active thyroid can lead to weight gain or inability to lose weight. It is very important to get a full thyroid panel. By only looking at one or two tests such as TSH as is the norm, you will not get the full picture and may not receive the proper diagnosis. When considering sex hormone imbalances it is important to look at estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These may cause inability to lose weight in and of themselves, but they can also lead to poor sleep and decreased muscle mass which also contribute to weight issues.

  3. Toxicity

    We are exposed to so many chemicals in our world today that can impact our endocrine system and lead to hormone imbalances and inability to lose weight. Our body stores such toxins in fat cells, so when our toxic load is high, we will start packing on the pounds! If weight loss is your goal, it is important to identify and minimize exposure to these hormone disruptors and to learn how to optimize your body’s natural detoxification pathways.

In addition to the medical reasons listed above, one of the top reasons we uncover in our patients for difficulty losing weight is hidden calories. Everything we put in our mouth has to be metabolized by the body, so those few bites when preparing dinner, when packing the kids’ lunch or when walking by the candy jar all add up! Maybe you are doing “keto” or “paleo” diet and are eating foods that are acceptable for those plans, but still gaining weight? It is important to know how much food, and which foods are best for your body. No diet is perfect for everyone. Although our bodies, generally, work the same, depending on your genetic makeup you may need something different than your best friend or significant other. With all the information and misinformation about dieting out there, we recommend seeing our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to help you find a plan that is right for you.