5 Keys to Female Hormone Health | Oct. 27

5 Keys to Female Hormone Health

Are you a woman 35 or older experiencing hormone havoc?

Are you worried about breast cancer or are you a breast cancer survivor going through menopause? Do you wonder how to safely balance your hormones and live the highest quality of life possible?  In our next “Lunch and Learn,” Amy Drab PA-C will discuss bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, diet, lifestyle, and troubleshooting common issues during this time of transition. Imagine life without PMS or hot flashes…don’t miss this opportunity to learn the keys to living your best life. RSVP for this FREE seminar on at Noon on Thursday, October 27 at the Army Aviation Credit Union, 200 Mack Bayou Rd., Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. Lunch will be provided. Limited spots, available on first come, first serve basis.